Baccarat Game by Playtech – Fun and relaxing

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There is nothing more enjoyable than spending your afternoon playing the best Baccarat variant online.

Baccarat Game

With its latest release, Playtech made sure to get you started just perfectly.

Multiple types of Baccarat tables are on offer for curious players to try and stake on. As most online casinos in NZ offer Playtech games, players will easily find a free spot on any table.

Baccarat may prove to be much simpler than what you initially think, and first play at Playtech’s Prestige Baccarat is the best way to get started.

Betting options of Playtech Baccarat

Playtech decided to secure multiple Baccarat tables in their online offer. Therefore, every player will find a suitable table and a free seat waiting.

All of the tables include a live video feed from one of Playtech’s studios.

Baccarat may be a 7-seat game, but Playtech takes advantage of the online platform to make the game eligible for all players.

NZ Baccarat enthusiasts will finally have a chance to enjoy their favorite game from home comfort and at all times.

For those that are new to Baccarat rules, the game is pretty straight-forward; the closest hand value to 9 wins.

Players will not be competing against each other, but rather playing with the dealer. Of course, there is the option to bet on the dealer’s hand to win as well.

The tie bet brings a 9 to 1 payout as it is the toughest one to guess correctly. Betting on a player or a dealer to win doubles the initial stake for winning players.

However, that is not all that Playtech’s Baccarat has to offer. Multiple side bets including Perfect Pairs and Any Pairs.

There is also the Big/Small bet to enhance the selection even more.

Game Layout and Aspects

Playtech’s Baccarat is specific for many things; take the game design and interface for instance.

Players are in for a visual treat as the studio is shown in sharp graphics surrounded by the best options.

However, the playing convenience doesn’t stop there as the roadmaps are there to help players keep track of results and previous hand results.

Players can choose from Big Road, Small Road, Cockroach Road, and many other additional options.

Still, the main thing that makes Playtech’s Baccarat stand out is the diversity of layouts to choose from.

Namely, Playtech included all kinds of differently-themed Baccarat tables for online players.

Players that go for Baccarat Squeeze can feel the truly traditional Squeeze variant of the game.

On the other hand, choosing Prestige Baccarat or Golden Speed Baccarat may prove beneficial for players of diverse preferences.

Everyone that wants to try a specific and unique variant of online Baccarat should check the online sites in NZ for casino bonus offer they can use.

Once players get a hold of the game, the whole new world of opportunities opens. One thing is for sure – Playtech’s Baccarat offers the best playing convenience of all available online tables.