Using the Kesselgucken Betting System to Win at Roulette

May 10, 2017 Posted in Gaming Strategies by No Comments
Whether you are a seasoned gambler or just getting started on your journey to all the excitement that is playing in the casino, the rush you feel at the Roulette wheel will be like no other. With so many betting strategies to choose, many gamblers lose their way with complicated mathematical calculations needed in the most popular systems. Make one miscalculation or lose your focus using a complicated system and you could be on the road to ruin. Here is why the Kesselgucken betting system for Roulette could be just what you are looking for.

To understand the Kesselgucken betting system for Roulette at its core, this is not a system based on patterns or mathematical equations, its more of a physical system. Kesselgucken translated from German simply means “observing the wheel”. That is exactly what you are going to be doing in order to grow your chip stack. Now this system does take a little more than simply watching the wheel spin, but after you brush up on these pointers, you will be able to spot some very unique wagering opportunities.

The goal of the Kesselgucken betting system for Roulette is to simply get a feel for the ball once the croupier lets it go. The only thing you have to pay close attention to is getting you bet placed before the caller refuses all further bets.

Now here are the things you have to carefully consider when you are making use of the Kesselgucken betting system for Roulette. First, you have to watch the wheel for a while and start to get a good feeling for how fast the wheel is spinning compared to the speed of the ball. Some casino workers release the ball quickly, some release it very slowly. One thing to consider, after standing on their feet for 8 hours a day, they tend to release the ball like a robot, over and over all day long.

The starting position in which the ball enters the wheel is key to the Kesselgucken betting system for Roulette. When the croupier lets the ball go at the same speed and it enters the wheel around number 26, see how many times it ends at the same location. You might discover that if the ball goes in at 26, it is always one or two numbers away from the number 10 when the betting is complete.

One thing to consider before placing your bet, pay attention to those little rhombus shapes around the Roulette wheel. These are placed to disrupt the flow of the ball and invite more randomness. If the ball misses the rhombus, it might land in the same location if you are paying attention.

When you are trying to grow your chip stack using the Kesselgucken betting system for Roulette, just remember that this wheel-observing method relies heavily on you trying to place you bets as late as you can. If you can get the bets in right as the croupier calls “No More Bets, you are in a better position to spot these patterns and take advantage.


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