Concise Guide to the One-Half Up Betting System

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When a gambler uses a betting strategy, there are two primary tactics to consider when choosing the best for system for their playing style. The first is aggressive and it aims to exploit profits by doubling the size of the bet when winning. The other is defensive and aims to mitigate the harshness of losses by increasing wagers on a losing streak. These two schools of thought are called positive and negative systems.

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Following is a prime example of the popular betting strategy called the β€œ50% Betting system” or the β€œOne Half Up Betting System”. This is a good one for beginners as it is simple to apply and a good introduction to other positive betting systems.

The One-Half Up Betting System Basics

One Half Up is probably the most popular betting system at use today. Quite simply it requires that a player bets a predetermined amount (bet unit) until they make two wins in a row, then they will increase the bet by…. You guessed it! One Half Up or 50 percent more than the initial bet unit.

In order to better understand the way this would work, following is an example of how this would work in a real-life setting.

Let’s apply this strategy to a game of slots. You will want to select the best betting unit for your night of fun and games. For simplicity, we will say $10.

You make your first $10 dollar bet on your choice of paylines and you hit a winning combination. This is not the time to up the bet, you will place the same $10 bet on the next spin as well. If you lose, you will just stick to your $10 dollar bets.

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However, if you win 2 consecutive spins, this is your cue to go One-Half Up. Your play after these two consecutive wins will be half more than your initial bet unit, or $15. If you win a fourth time, your bet unit must be increased by another 50 percent of the bet unit, or $20, and so on. If you lose once, you return to the initial bet size and await two consecutive wins.

The simplicity of this system is what makes it ideal for those beginning with the concepts of betting strategies. Many of the betting strategies out there can involve complex sequences or subjective estimates, while effective, they can be hard to apply. The Half Up betting strategy is appropriate for those with a positive straight forward approach to the game.

While it can be used in all kinds of slots and table games, the Half Up betting system is most often applied to the game of Blackjack.

You may have noticed that those players who have developed their application of the Half up strategy are some of the smoothest and most cautious players. They have developed a smooth cadence to their game that allows them to slowly increase their profits while avoiding unnecessary risks and making large dramatic wagers. In the end, it is the slow disciplined player who can expect to beat the house edge and increase their bankroll.


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