Baccarat Types for Beginners – Complete Guide

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Baccarat Types

By visiting the online casinos in NZ, you can run upon numerous variants of online Baccarat. As one of the longest-lasting casino games that predate most others, it’s a unique and thrilling game of chance. The entire thrill can perhaps be related to the game of Sic Bo that is also fast-paced with dice throws.

In this case, the beloved Baccarat game is focused on tackling and beating the dealer in card value. Having in mind it’s such a convenient and exciting game to play online, you should join us and discover various Baccarat types!

General Baccarat Rules for Beginners

In online Baccarat, beating the dealer is almost entirely based on luck. The dealer gives you two cards that you should use to beat the dealer’s two cards in essence. However, twists and turns may occur in every round of online Baccarat.

Namely, the game is decided by the total card value closest to the value of 9. It’s impossible to get higher values than 9 since total values above 10 count as the value of their latter digit. So, if you strike a total value of 19, the Baccarat point value will be 9 and you win!

The face cards in Baccarat all count as zero points, which is a unique aspect of the game. The same goes for the 10 cards that also have a point value of zero. When compared to other card games, Baccarat is unique in this sense.

It’s one of the rare games that encourage the use of low-value cards rather than face cards like Queens and Kings. Jacks don’t count in this game, so it’s all up to achieving the total card value of nine. Still, if the value of your two cards is below 5, you get another card drawn. The same rule applies to the dealer, only in the case of having a total value of 6 or lower.

Main Types of Online Baccarat

It can get tough to understand all the online Baccarat variants and their rules. Still, it’s your best way towards a win in each version of the game available online. In this guide, we will be focusing on the most popular types of online Baccarat out there.

Ride along and make sure to pay full attention to the most popular releases to get the most out of your Baccarat experience! To get you started, here are the main types of the game suitable for the online play:

  • Punto Banco
  • Punto 2000
  • Chemin de fer Baccarat
  • Baccarat EZ

We’ll discuss each variant in detail to ensure that you understand the difference in online Baccarat play.

The King of online Baccarat types – Punto Banco

Without any doubt, the most common type of online Baccarat game that you can play is Punto Banco. It also represents a Baccarat variant that remains faithful to the game origins.

In this game type, both the dealer and the player get two cards in the first draw. In Punto Banco, if none of the participants land a value of 8 or 9 for a win, certain draw rules are applied. Namely, if the player has a total card value of 5 or lower, an additional card is dealt.

If the player, however, has a total card value of 6 or 7, the dealer can draw an additional card. So, if the term is fulfilled and the dealer has a total card value of 5 or lower, a third card is awarded to the dealer.

Still, if the player got a third card through the draw, other rules apply to determine the dealer’s draw. An exception would be if the dealer hits a total value of 2 or lower. In this case, no matter the value of the player’s cards, the dealer gets to draw a third card.

If the player has a total value of 7 or lower, the dealer can draw if the total value of the cards is up to 3. Other scenarios may include the dealer drawing on values of 4 or lower and in the case of the player drawing values of 2 to 7.

For the total values of the dealer’s cards being 5, the third card is awarded for values of the player’s third card being 4 to 7.

Baccarat Punto 2000

Also known as the Baccarat Super 6, the Punto 2000 makes a unique online Baccarat variant. It’s one of the easiest Baccarat types to play online and the rules are straightforward. In Punto 2000, there are exceptions to the payouts.

In Punto Banco, the bet on the dealer to win ends up in the even payout with a 5% commission. In Baccarat Super 6, both the player and the dealer bets end up in an even payout. Still, in case the dealer wins with a 6, the payout is halved. This online Baccarat type is often associated with casino bonus offers and promos.

Chemin de fer Baccarat

As perhaps the original variant of Baccarat, the Chemin de fer has its roots in France. One player acts as a banker while the others are seated around a table. Once the banker sets up the initial stake, players are asked to match it.

Only one player per round can match the stake, while others may put lower wagers. Afterward, the cards are compared and if none of the players win with 8 or 9, the third card rule applies. In the end, if the banker wins, he takes the wagers made by players, while in another scenario; the players take the banker’s stake.

Baccarat EZ

In EZ Baccarat, payouts for player and banker wins are even. Still, if the dealer wins by the value of 7 from 3 cards drawn, it’s a push. You don’t get your payout in this scenario, while this rule is compensated with side bet options.

The incredible 40 to 1 payout is awarded if the dealer wins with a value of 8 from 3 cards. The other side bet involves a 25 to 1 payout if the player wins in the same fashion.