Everything you need to know about Pokies down under!

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The term “pokies” actually started in the very early days of Australian casinos. The other countries seem to be behind, Australia has had casinos since the 1900s. One of their first games was actually a poker machine, pretty much like our video poker machines of today. So, for short, they just called them pokies. Then, when slot machines came around, it seems all gaming machines are referred to as pokies, even carried over to online machines.
There are no pokies that have 100% payout. Therefore, if someone plays long enough, they will lose their money. The only long-term winners are those that have played and won lots of money and never played again.
One thing people get confused about is that if you lose long enough on a machine, it will pay out shortly, NOT true. Every spin is random, which means your chances of winning has nothing to do with previous spins.
The big winners are not the players, they are the gaming operators and the government. The government collects billions of dollars each year for gambling taxes.
Australians lose $20 million yearly. $11 billion of that are in pubs and clubs, not even casinos. These pokies usually have five reels that turn when the button is pressed or the handle is pulled. Some offer free games and bonus levels. There are multiple lines, to 200 and multiple ways, up to 3125 that can be played. The first gaming machine was made illegal in 1956 in Australia. Today, there are 196,900 pokies in Australia.
Between 20% and 30% of adult Australians play pokies at least once a year, but 4% play weekly. Those 4% lose approximately $7000 to $8000 per year. It’s easy to lose up to $1500 per hour on pokies because of their maximum bet size and the maximum speed of the machine. The average pokie in clubs and hotels gross around $56,000 per year.
In 2010, it was estimated that 115,000 people were truly addicted to pokies. 70% of people believe gambling should be more controlled, while 74% believe gamblers should state what they want to spend before they start and be held to only that amount.
Australian style online pokies are now offered free. All of the games have features just like the ones in pubs, clubs and casinos. is one of the websites, they offer: no registration, no downloads, and unlimited free credits.
Most real money online pokies offer wilds and multipliers that increase winning chances and the amounts. These online pokies are completely flexible and accepts anywhere from a few cents to a few hundred dollars for bets.
Players should set realistic limits for themselves. Before playing, set yourself a dollar amount and stick with it. Come up with a time limit that you’re willing to lose before changing machines. Also, set a winning limit, that way you don’t throw away your winnings.
Choose the right pokey machine for you. Why play one with big wagers and you will only get to play a few times?
Play free online pokies. This will give you the feel of that particular game and you will be better equipped to win when you understand the rules of the machine.
Australia saw their first online casinos in the early 90s. Most online players prefer to play pokies because they are easier to play.
Gambling can be fun and it’s easy to walk out for some. However, some have serious addictions and can’t stop playing until their last dime is gone. They have help for those people.
It seems that the online gaming industry is on an upward climb. It’s very convenient to play and gamble without leaving home now. It was easy with computers, but now that mobile devices have been added, it’s even easier and more convenient. It’s always good when you can go straight to your favorite pokie and don’t have to wait for someone to get off the machine like at a real casino.
You can believe that Aussie gambling is not slowing down anytime soon, if anything, it’s on the rise. It is no longer just for the wealthy. 2017 is now a normal past time with greater availability.
Currently all major forms of gambling is very popular and legal in Australia. They will gamble on just about anything online and in pubs or clubs. Pokies are definitely the most popular.
Australia is the fifth wealthiest country in the world. With the economy moving the way it is, gambling is going to continue. Minimum wage is $600 per week and unemployment is less than 5%. So, most people can actually afford to gamble. No better way to spend their past time than pokies!


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