Best License Authorities in NZ Online Casinos

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Best License Authorities

Licensing authorities play a very important role in controlling New Zealand online casinos. The task of the authorities is to ensure that all rules and regulations are proceeding regularly. All casino operators across the globe need to be licensed from special committees in order to be licensed and credible. Getting a license by authorities is not a very simple procedure.

The casino needs to fulfill all requirements and standards referring to safety, responsibility, security, and confidentiality. Online casino businesses in New Zealand are under the supervision of The Gambling Commission that the Department of Internal Affairs controls and monitors.

This institution is created in 2003 and, since then, it is examining regulations in casinos and approves their operations by giving them a license. When some casinos have the license, it will likely attract many users. The reason for this lays in the fact that the top priority of every gambler is to find a credible casino where he can play safely without worrying that his account, privacy, and payouts can be jeopardized.

In this article, we prepared a list of top License Authorities that are monitoring the operations and activity of Online Casinos in NZ.

MGA Licensed Authority -The Malta Gambling Authority 

The Malta Gambling Authority was formed in 2001. In the first operating period, this institution supervised Lotteries and Gaming activity. However, as time passed, this institution updated the police and authorizations and, in 2015, it started to monitor the regulations of gambling activities as well.

The main task of this organization was to control different operations and sectors of the casino industry. The purpose of MGA’s existence is to ensure fairness and transparency of all games that are offered from the casinos. 

MGA coordinates different gambling sectors including online poker, slot machines, table games, etc. However, they also regulate the work of non-profit games, gaming devices, skill games, adversities, and national lotteries.

MGA has approved more than 500 licenses to online casinos. One of the licenses they provide is for New Zealand casinos. 

The license that Malta Gambling Authority can provide are divided into three sections, The first license type is developed for Sportsbook companies that operate with betting odds.

The second license type is for player vs player gambling operations. In this category are included gaming and betting exchanges. And the last license type is given to the Online Gambling operators that work with online casino games, lotteries, etc.

The cost of these licenses is around €25,000 on an annual basis. However, the license for gaming software providers for controlling the online gaming operations costs €10,000 on an annual basis. 

GBGA Licensed Authority – The Gibraltar Betting And Gambling Association

The GBGA licensed authority organization operates since January 2005. It controls activities of online gaming in Gibraltar. According to the legal and regulatory standards, GBGA promotes the gaming industry. 

The main role of this association is to provide to the governments and policymakers a full understatement of the online gambling importance and casino industry generally to Gibraltar.

In that way, the legislation can form the necessary policies in a considerate manner and create a transparent and competitive market for users. 

The group of professionals that form the GBGA organization put a big effort and commitment into promoting responsible gambling. Their goal is to make all players feel protected and secured while they are enjoying online betting and gambling. 

The Gibraltar Betting And Gambling Association provides licenses to some of the most popular casinos including the ones in New Zealand. Therefore, all those casino houses that have GBGA licenses are surely safe for playing. 

Licensed Authority -The Isle Of Man Gaming Commission

The Isle of Man Gaming Commission is one more organization that provides licenses to online casinos and control their operations, performances, and gambling activities. 

This organization is actually one of the oldest gambling regulatory bodies. Therefore, the proof of their regulation work is the fact that this organization operates and functions even today.

The year of this organization’s formation is 1962. Since then, the Isle of Man Gaming Commission responsibly controls the regulations and policies of casinos and gives licenses if the casino meets and fulfills all necessary requirements.

This organization gives different license types including a license for gaming machines, traditional casinos, betting offices, and online gambling. Some of the requirements that casino needs to support are submitting details about their business plans, providing fair, reliable, and transparent gambling for their players. 

The costs of the Isle of Man Gaming Commission licenses vary from gambling activities and the fees for having the license. However, the costs vary between £5000 to £35000.

Licensed Authority – Alderney Gambling Control Commission 

One more organization that provides licenses to online gambling sites is Alderney Gambling Control Commission. The AGCC is formed in 2000 and it is very popular among online casino companies. 

Since 2018, they have improved their controls in order to ensure that online gambling platforms they license are safe, reliable and that suspicious actions do not exist. There are two types of licenses that AGCC offers – for B2B and B2C users. 

Every online casino that wants to require a license from this organization needs to support international rules, measures, and standards. Also, an online casino needs to present its software that will be analyzed and examined by the commission. 

Some additional requirements are submitting the report about the Return To Player or RTPs for their games, and time tracking devices. Despite that, the commission wants to have a clear insight into the financial limits on deposits on a regular basis that online casinos are requiring from the users. 

The costs of getting their license go-between £17,500 to £35,000 and from £35,000 to £400,000 based on the casino earnings.

Final Thought

If you are a player, you can understand that license authorities promote responsible and fair gambling activities and ensure the customer’s protection and safety 24/7. If you come across an NZ online casino that does not provide an adequate license from some of these commissions, you should avoid that website.

However, the good news is that most of the online casinos in NZ operate under the supervision of the legislative and regulative organizations, and they have a license to operate. The best of all is that all of those casino sites provide their loyal players with some benefits such as casino bonus, free spins, etc. Players can take advantage of these promotions and get new winning opportunities.