Get to Know the World Series of Poker Schedule for 2021

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World Series of Poker

After a delay in the previous year of the tournament, the World Series of Poker returns in 2021 with a new schedule! Those looking for a bigger Poker thrill than just playing at online casinos in NZ will look forward to the event.

As one of the famous tournaments in the gambling sphere, the World Series of Poker holds several surprises for 2021. If you want to learn more about how the competition is arranged, or just wish to know the general details, stay in touch. We will bring the most relevant details to you!

Main Details on the Event

The offer of online bracelets will also mean the beginning of the official WSOP tour in 2021. As the offer of online bracelets starts in July, we will have the first action as soon as in August this year! There will be 33 online bracelets for international play on offer on the due date.

Additionally, we will have a more detailed split of the bracelets until the 1st of August for even higher excitement. Up to 33 events planned via the online platform will start on July 1st at the official site of the World Series of Poker.

Furthermore, GGPoker also kicks off as soon as the beginning of August. The main event of the year could potentially result in the highest prize pool ever in play for the WSOP tournaments. Another thrilling event will be the finals of the World Series of Poker Europe, so stay tuned for additional info!

Buy-in Information for WSOP 2021

When it comes to the buy-ins, there are several types of different events you could attend in WSOP main weeks. It all depends on the number of buy-in rates, while there are both premium and moderate rates.

There are few categories of WSOP events that players can attend. The difference is in the importance of the event value and the amount of buy-in stake you need to place before playing. Here are the main categories of WSOP events depending on the buy-in value:

  • Online Satellite events
  • Big Show events
  • Main Satellite events

Online satellite bracelet events are the most accessible ones as the value of buy-ins ranges from $5 to $30. Most Poker lovers can afford these buy-in stakes and the prize pool could be quite considerable. The qualification events for the Big Show and main satellite events are formed with buy-ins of $200 or higher.

Some events also require a starting bet in value of $15 combined with the value of buy-ins just to get the seat. Still, these amounts are honestly low when compared to the main events. The World Series of Poker will conclude this year with a bang in terms of buy-ins and prizes.

Namely, events with higher buy-ins of $10, 000 or even higher values of $50, 000 for dealer’s choice events. Sums higher than $100, 000 for buy-ins are reserved for the main events.

Schedule of the Main Events for WSOP 2021

After completion of the initial rounds of events, the main event series will start in October. Previously, players will be able to attend the main event qualifications and online events with lower buy-ins.

However, once the real deal starts, players will experience a true Poker extravaganza with numerous exciting events. For instance, right after the start, we will have the $500 buy-in event with a stunning prize pool.

The guaranteed prize pool of up to $5 million will be in place for this event, titled the Reunion. During the second week of October, more interesting events wait for the players. With exciting titles like Double Stack and Millionaire Maker, the prize pool will keep on with Millions in prizes.

Another thrilling event follows up as the Heads up No-Limit tournament approaches. This year, even bigger prizes are waiting for the elite Poker players competing in No-Limit Hold’em.

Among the exciting events worth mentioning, we also have the nosebleed PLO with the highest buy-in values. Events with $50, 000 or $100, 000 limits guarantee stellar Poker action.

Finally, we also have the Poker Hall of Fame event with all the Hall of Fame members being invited. With so many exciting events waiting, players will need adequate application advice.

How to Apply for World Series of Poker events?

Even beginners in the World Series of Poker events list will be able to apply for the events. Truth being said, this is not the place for casino bonus hunters or low-limit players. Still, everyone can apply the following pieces of advice.

First, you must fill out the application form via the Bravo Poker Live site that operates for WSOP. Applications will then be reviewed and if you get verified, you are ready for the play!

You can also apply for the WSOP events offline by doing so in person. However, it’s advised that you fill out the online application if you can. The Tropical Ballroom will, either way, accept in-person applicants until the event starts.

Most renowned events in 2021

The main event of the World Series of Poker schedule in 2021 will be organized in Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino. From November 4 to November 17 players will be able to participate in an all-out Poker rampage.

The World Series of Poker Europe will hold its main event on November 19 in King’s Casino in the Czech Republic. Online events start from August 1st and the GGPoker site will be the host. All in all, we have a lot to look forward to in 2021 as the World Series of Poker just got a bit better!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the World Series of Poker schedule for 2021 is quite convenient. It gives players enough time to prepare for major and main events through the qualifications and online bracelets.

Players will be able to find all the information at GGPoker and relevant WSOP sites. Hopefully, you will now have a detailed view of the WSOP schedule and events waiting for players in 2021.