Most Convenient Ways of Playing Online Slots – PC vs. Mobile

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Online Slots – PC vs. Mobile

There is one lifelong dilemma that every online slot lover in NZ has to face – PC vs. Mobile online gaming. As most online casino sites in 2023 will allow you to choose your preferred method of play, today we cover the differences.

We will also discuss the benefits and faults of each online slot playing method to help you out. Some games are best played on mobile, while others offer more gaming convenience when played on PC. Stay tuned with us to discover all the best traits of your favorite online slot playing platforms!

How to Decide on the Playing Method?

Everything in the choice of preferred online slots playing method depends on the individual preference. Still, some aspects are generally more convenient on PC or the mobile respectively. The first thing to do when playing online slots is to make the final decision.

So, these are some of the main aspects you should consider in the PC vs. Mobile debate:

  • The game selection on the platform
  • Processing speed and graphics
  • Specific game optimization
  • Time of playing
  • Type of game played

All of these factors can prevail in the making of the decision whether to play on PC or mobile. It also has something do to with the kind of device you have. The only newer generation of Android and iOS devices can support modern slots.

On the other hand, PCs and laptops can fit the requirements easily and most of the devices support the online slots. Video slots in 2023 can also be viewed on HD and 4K devices, depending on the exact game. That’s why you should check the slot requirements or try to load the game on your device to check the operability.

If you can’t run the online slot on your mobile, you should either try on a PC device or switch the game. Also, if the casino site can only be loaded on PCs, your only hope of playing on a mobile is finding the optimized app.

Online Slot Apps vs. casino sites on PC

One major difference between playing online slots on mobile and PCs is the accessing channel. Most of the mobile-optimized casinos offer their specific gambling apps for mobile play. As much as these apps are convenient and fast-processing, it takes some time to establish this method.

On the other hand, playing on PCs is much more convenient as all of the modern online casinos are eligible for PC players. All it takes to play on PC is to find the site and visit the page and game selection. Because of this, it makes perfect sense that PC play is much easier than on mobile.

Also, from PC play you will be able to access all the slots on offer, while the mobile apps could have limited access. For an immersive experience, it’s sometimes best to approach online slots from PC to get the full game offering.

Still, there are some advantages of mobile apps as well. One of the main traits of the mobile apps for online slots is the casino bonus offer. You can claim some specific bonuses and promos just for playing this way.

Of course, you can either way claim regular bonuses for joining the site via PC play. All in all, both methods have their conveniences and downsides, but overall visiting the sites from PC includes more games.

How do Game Selections Work on Mobile and PC?

Like mentioned, there can be some differences in the online slot offering available on mobile apps and casino sites. Mainly, most of the renowned online slots that are currently popular are available on PC casino sites.

Sites that can be accessed by PCs include video slots, 3D slots, Megawaysβ„’ slots, and other modern games. The slot game offering can be a bit different on mobile apps that are optimized for mobile play.

Games selections offered on these apps often lack some of the older classic slot games. The reason for this is clear as some popular slot classics predate the mobile apps for playing online slots. Also, many games are not optimized for mobile play even with the newer releases.

In essence, the online slot offering on PCs features all the slot games on the site. This was the first way of playing online slots and it is still widely used by many players.

Mobile apps maybe offer higher playing convenience in terms of playing whenever you want. Even so, PC gaming offers higher game diversity without worrying about the battery life.

Benefits of Mobile Play vs. PC Slot play

As the fun part, we will now compare the two methods of playing online slots! First, from the perspective of playing on mobile devices, we will point out the highlights compared to PC play:

  • Portable way of playing online slots
  • Higher screen resolution
  • Easy navigation through the app
  • Specific bonuses available

You can also claim free spins and other benefits just by playing via mobile apps. It is easy to assume that there are no higher conveniences in online slot play than these, but there are also some PC advantages to consider.

Advantages of PC slot play vs. Mobile

Now we discuss the main traits and benefits of playing online slots via PCs when compared to mobile play. Without further delay, here are the main benefits of this method:

  • Greater selection of online slots
  • Access to classic slots
  • Unlimited time of play
  • Bigger screen for the in-game thrill

As the initial way of playing online slots, PC play is perhaps the easiest way of playing. Among the general benefits, these are only the ones that stand out as highlights when compared to mobile play.


So, now you have a clear perspective on all the benefits and positive traits of playing slots on mobile and PC. As much as both platforms are convenient, there are seemingly more traits to PC gaming as the best platform.

Mobile apps are also quite convenient for online slots play, but because of the tradition and more playing features, we give our vote to PC. Still, everything is up to personal preference as the differences between the two are slight and irrelevant in some cases.