Reel Rush Slot by NetEnt – Perfect for Beginners

November 9, 2020 Posted in Gaming Strategies, New Casinos, News, Slots by No Comments

Nowadays, there are too many comprehensive video slots to choose from, so NetEnt decided to try a different approach with Reel Rush Slot.

Reel Rush Slot

The Reel Rush Slot features highly original slot mechanics with impressive winning potential.

The game is easily distinguishable among today’s slots, as it features 5 reels and over 3,000 paying ways.

Players will love additional paying ways unlocking, as they move on with consecutive winnings.

Moreover, the free spins bonus could be triggered with a winning streak, where larger prizes await.

If you are among slot lovers desperate to try something different, read on.

Reel Rush Slot Details

Out of the online slot providers, NetEnt differs from the rest for its entertaining and out-of-the-box solutions.

Some of the most creative titles like Dead or Alive and Jack and the Beanstalk were crafted by the publisher.

In the same manner, the Reel Rush Slot was developed as the first of its kind. The gameplay mechanics will make players shout for more, as the sequel to the game is very likely to happen.

As for the Reel Rush Slot, it is focused on making the longest winning streak possible.

The wild symbol is included and replaces all other symbols when landed. By landing several consecutive wins, the slot grid expands and includes more symbols.

For every next win, players are awarded the same prize of two more symbols being added into the combination.

This way, the full 3,125 pay lines potential is unlocked while the screen is enlarged for bigger payouts.

However, that is not all that the Reel Rush Slot has to offer. The free spins bonus can be triggered if a player succeeds in the mission to achieve 5 consecutive wins.

Up to 8 free spins will be awarded to players afterward, featuring the maximum number of paying ways.

NetEnt continues to grow

With the Reel Rush Slot being among the latest additions to the NetEnt slot collection, the provider continues its development.

The rising number of creative slot games produced by the publisher makes NetEnt stand out from the competition.

A great number of casino sites in NZ that offer their games is the best proof of the provider’s activity.

After releasing the Reel Rush Slot, NetEnt can hope for the best as the loyal players will surely rush into playing it.

The Reel Rush Slot features a nice 97% RTP which is fairly high for today’s standards, to say the least.

The wide betting range allows even low-rollers to try their luck on the Reel Rush Slot.

The coin value can be set by preference as long as it is at the minimum level of 0.01 NZD.

Also, the jackpot prize can be won if 5 strawberries symbols appear on the active paying line.

As much as claiming huge prizes isn’t easy with modern slots, the Reel Rush Slot offers enough winning possibilities to suit everyone’s needs.

The addition of a bonus game certainly brings something to hope for players, while the 3,125 paying ways make every spin a chance.