A Look At The Wheel Of Rizk

April 6, 2018 Posted in News by No Comments has increasingly become one of the more popular online casino games and options these days. One of the reasons that this popularity has seen a rise is the Wheel of Rizk that is part of the site. As the website says, the Wheel of Rizk is exactly like the Wheel of Fortune but it is a million times cooler. The more that one plays at, your power bar increases. When the power bar reaches a certain threshold, it means that it is time to head to the Wheel of Rizk.

RIZK Casino

  • NZ$100 Bonus + 50 Free Spins
  • Large game selection
  • No Wagering on Free Spins

What makes the Wheel of Rizk so attractive is the easiness it is to play and activate the chance to play. Every time that you fill up the power bar, you gain another level. The more times that you earn another level and head to the Wheel of Rizk, the prizes increase and the suspense of the Wheel of Rizk becomes that much greater.

Then there is the Super Wheel of Rizk.

Every tenth time that a player has filled their power bar and spun the Wheel of Rizk, they get an opportuity to spin the Super Wheel of Rizk. As you would expect, the prizes are even that much more greater on the Super Wheel of Rizk. currently has a promotion where they will let players take a chance at the Super Wheel of Rizk on their fifth time of filling their power bar.

Then there is the Extra Wheel. Each day that you earn a level up you get a shot at the Extra Wheel which again allows for a player to get a chance at more prizes. Along with all of the big jackpots that are already available at, the added benefit of the Wheel of certainly makes this online casino game one that any player cannot resist. It definitely has you coming back time and time again and make it one of any players’ preferred gaming site.

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