All you need to Know about HTTP vs. HTTPS and Safety

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Casual casino players rarely notice the website URL that they visit whenever they play at, especially the HTTP and HTTPS. These two appear at the URL, specifically at the first part known as the scheme. They are in the form of http:// and https:// and they identify the protocol used for accessing the resource on the web. HTTP does not have SSL, while HTTPS has the mentioned certificate.

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HTTP vs. HTTP: Which is Better?

There are key differences between these two types of schemes, and they will quickly tell the users why they should trust one over the other:

The name speaks for itself.

HTTP is more common than HTTPS, but it does not mean that most casinos choose it. This particular scheme has been around since the time the Internet was introduced. The name stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

On the other hand, HTTPS means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. The added word β€œsecure” should already say something for the player.

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What does HTTPS protect?

When a casino player goes to an HTTPS website to play his or her favorite slot machine, blackjack, poker, or baccarat game, sensitive information will be gathered. These details that include the ISP and the location of the person will be stored on the website like with HTTP. The only difference is that going not an HTTPS site will protect the collected information from being retrieved by other parties.

The security feature is a must for anyone playing in an online casino. With many hackers around, the information that the players provide can cause them to become a victim of fraud and identity theft. For instance, if the gamer enters his or her name, address, and credit card details on the website, HTTPS will add extra layers of protection to ensure that these pieces of information remain secure.

Such helpful feature is the reason why not only online casinos use HTTPS, but also banks, credit card companies, and online shops.

SSL is more critical than ever when playing at casinos.

When a player enters a casino website that uses regular HTTP connection, it means that all communications here are sent over using simple and plain text. Therefore, any hacker will be able to read it, specifically those who can break into the HTTP connection between the site and the browser. It becomes even more dangerous in casinos because players will be required to add their credit card information or any payment details in an order form, for instance.

The hazard is evident since the communication is in plain text. Once the hackers see the form where the details of the players are found, they can claim these pieces of information as theirs. They are easy to read unless the website uses secure encryption.

HTTPS makes it impossible to read these details in plain text. They are encrypted, and decryption is not possible to obtain the information from the player and the website.

Casino Players Should Only Play at Websites That Use HTTPS

It should be stressed that people who love playing at online casinos should check the security of the site first. One of the very first things to look for is the https:// in the URL. Typically, the browser will display a β€œlock” or a β€œTrusted” sign on the address bar.

HTTPS certificates allow customer information, such as the name, location, and credit card numbers to be encrypted. Therefore, there is no way for them to be intercepted by hackers and criminals. Casino players should be more vigilant in the websites they are visiting, especially the high rollers. Even casual visitors should leave a site if it is in HTTP.

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