Is there really a time that’s best to play slots?

May 23, 2019 Posted in News, Slots by No Comments

If you are new to gambling, or you are trying to take your gambling to the next level and start cashing out with big monetary wins, the biggest question you may have is if there is an absolute best time to start playing online slots so that your wins are bigger. And is this a definite answer or is this tie just a myth from other players?

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There are hundreds of myths that go around the internet and other players as to when the best time is to start playing slots and the reasoning behind that time table. So, below is a guide to whether or not there really is a best time to play slots, and if there is, why is it so?

So, Is there really a time that’s best to play slots?

This is a very hard question to answer in reality. If high-stakes slot machine gamblers were polled as a whole, the answer would probably come back split 50/50 as to whether or not there is a best time to play. Some would say that there is a best time of day to play the slots and even to play the jackpot, while others would say that it doesn’t matter. Even more would claim that if you play slots in the casino, there is no “right time” to play, and it is all random. So we need to decide who is right and who is wrong, and by doing that we can look at their two different arguments. 

Think Through The RTP

When you look at facts and statistics, it backs up the claim that the RTP of slot games does not change at any point of the day that you were to play. 
So, if you were to look at this fact it would tell you that you could play the slots at any time of day at the casino. Many people claim that they tend to win more if they play on a Sunday morning instead of a Saturday night, but that could be a coincidence as the RTP is still the same. WIth just this in mind, you could argue that RTP means that there is no best time to play the slots online or at the casino. 

Determine Your gambling budget before playing

Before you even play the slots whether you choose to play online or at a casino, you need to determine your gambling budget- or how much you are able to actually afford when you play. You do not want to exceed the amount of money you have to spend so that you don’t walk away from the slots totally broke. These slot games are meant to be fun and addicting so you need to play responsibly, especially in case you don’t win. 

Learn to gamble when the jackpot is high numbers and it hasn’t been won in a long time

When you play the jackpot. the goal is to win as much money as you can, so the best time to do this is when the jackpot has a high amount of money in it. Winning the jackpot is totally random and purely down to luck, but many people swear that you have a better chance of winning when the numbers are high. They also say to keep an eye on it and wait until it has not been won for a very long time. Many gamblers believe that it has to be eventually won so if you wait it out, you may have a better chance. 

Don’t Gamble when you are in a bad mood

Chances are that when you gamble you probably are not going to walk away as a millionaire, so playing when you’re in a bad mood will only make that mood worse. Instead, play when you’re in a good mood! Don’t worry about the time of day, play because you want too!
The truth is, the slots are totally up to chance and random at best. Stop worrying about the myths, and trying to get it down to a science. Play when you can afford it, and play to have fun!