Introducing the Loyalty Program at Voodoo Dreams Casino

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Spell casting is now a fun and interesting way to earn great rewards, that’s what VoodooDreams Casino has put together, spells that win points. The loyalty program at VoodooDreams Casino is different by design. The goal is to reward players for their play, by way of special points for every winning spin and when the game session ends. Players are allowed to choose their bonuses and the value can be selected by using special rewards, called Spirit points.

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Bonuses are earned through redemption of points. Points that are rewarded for unlocking and casting spells. These spells are split into four kinds of magic categories, there’s Dark and Light and Blood and Spirit. Dark Magic earns a deposit bonus. Light Magic earns players an increase in the deposit bonus. And for Blood Magic there’s a choice from specific games, for a set number of free player spins, according to the deposit. Spirit Magic spells don’t have a playthrough requirement, because the bonuses are real money.

Players have a chance to earn rewards on two separate levels, Experience Points (XP) and Spirit Points (SP). When exploring the settings for awarded points, check the desktop menu, at home, there on the right of the menu, notice both XP and SP and on the go, check the mobile device, they’re located beneath the tab labeled, “magic.”

A minimum deposit is required, equal to the top spell reward amount. If a deposit is less than what’s required, a message appears in queue until the correct amount is made.

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How To Earn Experience Points

To make it to the next level of experience, players must engage in casting and unlocking spells. With each new level up, points are awarded. There isn’t a set time limit for casting or unlocking spells, players can do it any time during game play. The more experience gained in spell casting, the more points. Along with experience comes a higher level, and this adds even more points.

Points equal higher levels, no action is required on the player’s part. The more powerful the spells, the more points are given. It’s the experience gained from casting spells and how potent they are that determines how many points are awarded. As points accumulate, the level goes up higher and higher. The Voodoo levels are preset according to the number of points needed to unlock the spell. Once players level up, the points never drop down. With each new level, Voodoo Casino offers four new locked spells, each more powerful than the previous ones. The object of XP is to unlock the spells in each level to move into a higher level and receive more points.

How to Earn Spirit Points

In order to earn spirit points, players must use the unlocked spells won with experience points. That’s how spells are casted. So to clarify, on the first level (XP) players begin with locked spells, then win points to level up and unlock the spells. Once leveled up, the Voodoo spells must then be casted to win spirit points.

And unlike XP, SP can be won at registration and with promotions and throughout the playing process. For every spell, the player will get a new reward for casting it. To cast each spells, players must redeem a certain amount of Spirit Points. They can earn more points merely by advancing through the Spirit levels. As the player goes from lower levels into higher ones, they earn extra rewards by casting more spells. The cost to cast a spell, depends on how powerful the spell is, from among the four types.

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