GIG to team up with GS Tech for Online Casino boost

October 30, 2020 Posted in Live Casino, News, Slots by No Comments

As one of the leading online casino platform providers, GIG signs a partnership agreement with GS Tech.

GiG and GS Tech

The two companies have signed a three-year contract, with the ability to extend it for one additional year.

GS Tech looks to open its new online casino brand, making GIG the perfect candidate to run the platform.

Since both companies enjoy a great reputation in the online gambling industry, great results are to be expected.

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Details of GIG and GS Tech partnership

GS Tech can truly benefit to GIG business, having in mind its years-long success in the field.

Since 2012, GS Tech operates the Alpha Affiliates program that takes care of several online casino platforms.

The marketing efforts that GS Tech invested are not to be overlooked, as now the company stands firm on its ground.

Among the online casino technology and solutions operators, GS Tech has deserved its place among the best.

GIG also complies with working in a team and providing a unique online casino platform experience for players.

We can expect the fruits of their common work as early as at the start of 2021.

GIG and GS Tech are perfectly eligible to manage casino bonus offers and promotions, marketing, and security of the online casino.

The new platform will be created with joined forces of GIG and GS Tech experts, making the new project exhilarating.

Alpha Affiliates program, as an independent sector also praises the work that GIG managed to accomplish over the years.

About GIG and its contribution to the market

GIG has been around in the industry for quite a while now. The company’s best work until now is the creation of its online casino and sports betting platforms.

Moreover, GIG has a unique solution program for the omnichannel playing interface.

GIG has a goal of bringing together the playing experience of both online and offline casinos.

With impeccable visual experience and vast support systems included, the platforms created by GIG are unprecedented.

The casino operator also looks to include as many payment providers and game publishers as possible.

Therefore, currently, there are over 3000 casino games and over 30 payment providers included in their work.

GIG also takes care of the security of private player information and operates under an MGM license.

It promotes awareness while gambling and responsible gaming messages can be found all over their sites.

A real-time data platform enables the operator to access all the relevant information in no time, providing full control over the site.

The cooperation of GIG and GS Tech can result in a game-changing solution.

Moreover, such an outcome is to be expected from two of the industry’s leading operators.

Still, we will have to wait until at least January 2021 to find out about the results of their work.

Nevertheless, it is up to players to use the current platforms and services that companies offer.