Crazy Time is Out – Evolution Gaming releases new Live Game

September 14, 2020 Posted in Gaming Strategies, Live Casino, News by No Comments

Evolution gaming steps up on the online casino industry as the new live casino game Crazy time is out.

Crazy Time is Out – Evolution Gaming releases new Live Game

The name of the game speaks for itself in terms of the crazy winning potential that the game contains.

Unique design and live studio coverage make things even more intense as the players get to have a great and crazy time playing.

Innovating the Online casino scene

Crazy time is a uniquely designed mixture of slot and casino games with a modern and live coverage taste.

The wheel contains the top slot and main game that spin together creating massive winning opportunities.

As the game is interesting enough already, bonus rounds make it even better.

There is a selection of 4 potential bonuses to trigger, all of which carry specific win potential.

Top slot awards players with bonus game or multiplier action on each betting spot making things even more entertaining.

One of the bonuses is known as the cash hunt and it awards players with the original bonus round approach.

Players will have to pick the highest out of 108 possible fields with multipliers until the time runs up.

Intense gameplay and live feed make Crazy time much more attractive than regular casino games currently on the market.

The coin flip is another possible bonus to get. The multiplier amount will be awarded to each side of the coin and whichever side lands after the flip, the player will win a multiplier.

One of the bonuses to wait for is the Pachiko bonus as it offers massive winning potential in multipliers.

The live attendant will use a puck to determine the field within the multiplier on the wall.

The point of this bonus is to get the double field which collects all values and extends the bonus round for more.

The idea of getting up to 10.000 x stake takes the gaming experience to next level.

Playing convenience of Crazy time

The best benefit of the game for players is certainly the Crazy time bonus. This feature is the one to wait for as it offers the unique opportunity of winning up to 20.000 x stake.

If won, the bonus leads the player through a red door ending with a wheel. The wheel includes multiplier amounts and three colored flappers.

The wheel then dramatically decides what the players will win. There is the chance to win double and triple symbols improving the prize and the spinning can continue leading to massive prizes.

The most fascinating thing about Crazy time is the gameplay visuals and fast feed creating intense nature of the game.

Live attendants do their best to keep players focused on the game and bonuses are something to look forward to.

For those looking for an online casino adventure, this game is the one to try their luck on.

Crazy time will leave no player feeling the same after trying it out on online casinos offering Evolution engine live casino games.