Lightning Baccarat by Evolution – Unique Style

December 5, 2020 Posted in Live Casino by No Comments

Evolution keeps on modernizing the existing online casino live games with its latest installment – the Lightning Baccarat game.

Lightning Baccarat

Baccarat became quite popular as a casino game available on major casino sites in NZ. Although many players are still unfamiliar with this game, it offers fast-paced gameplay and easy to follow rules.

Now, Evolution enhances the game even more with the unique variant named Lightning Baccarat.

Lightning variants of Evolution’s games are often much more intense and feature-filled than originals.

In that light, let’s get right into exploring the value of the Lightning Baccarat game.

Gameplay aspects of Lightning Baccarat

From the moment a player steps into the Lightning Baccarat studio, it becomes clear that Evolution gave its best to develop the game.

Beautiful betting layout and the background of a live feed work outstandingly in combination with Evolution’s smiling dealers.

The playing interface contains all the relevant game details and statistics to make the game even more pleasurable for players.

However, if you are a regular at playing Baccarat, you might need some adjustment time to play Lightning Baccarat.

Some of the payouts aren’t exactly fitting those applied in a round of regular Baccarat, but there’s a good reason.

The lightning feature takes 20% out of every wager and includes reduced payouts. Still, the multiplier action included can redeem for all of the mentioned issues.

Besides visually stunning artwork and studio layout, Lightning Baccarat comes with crazy multipliers and great side bets.

Main advantages of the Lightning Baccarat

Evolution’s games from the Lightning series are broadly available at major casino operators in NZ.

Players can find different types of casino bonus offers available and combine the won amount with bankroll for Lightning Baccarat.

Still, the 5 to 1 payout on tie bets and 20% fee on each hand don’t seem any better than in a round of regular Baccarat.

However, all these aspects are applied since 1 to 5 cards on each round are marked with the lightning sign.

The Lightning cards come with multipliers that can go up to x8 per card! Moreover, in case two or more lightning cards are included in the player’s winning hand, all the multipliers will merge.

This way, players can get awarded with huge multipliers going up to x512 of the win.

Lightning Baccarat surely comes with massive potential on every single hand as players never know when the lightning will hit.

As the 52-card deck is used in this game and up to 5 cards per round include multipliers, there’s a good chance for winning big.

Every other hand is an opportunity of its own, having in mind the unexpected nature of Lightning multipliers.

Evolution Gaming continues to break all boundaries in the development of their innovative live casino games.

Titles from the Lightning series of games such as Lightning Baccarat truly aid some players in getting to know the classic casino games.

Main gameplay aspects are matching to those included in the regular round of Baccarat, while the crazy multipliers guarantee big wins.