Classic Roulette by NetEnt – Where luck meets Skill

December 10, 2020 Posted in Live Casino by No Comments

Online roulette lovers can rejoice as everything is set for the release of a new Classic Roulette game by NetEnt.

Classic Roulette

Having in mind the number of online casinos in NZ that offer NetEnt games portfolio, players will have an easy time finding the game.

All the premium online roulette aspects are added to the game, making it everything but classic.

Players can enjoy swift gameplay and an ultimate dealer experience as professional dealers are running the game from NetEnt studios.

It sounds great, but Classic Roulette is even better in real play, so make sure to scroll down for all the info.

Best gameplay aspects of NetEnt’s Classic Roulette

As a premium casino games provider, NetEnt included all the necessary items and solutions in its Classic Roulette game.

Players will even be able to activate some casino bonus offers on different sites, thanks to NetEnt’s loyalty program.

The best thing is that bet limitation can vary, depending on the type of the Classic Roulette table selected.

NetEnt made sure to include VIP tables and dedicated tables for loyal players, where they can play high-rolling roulette rounds.

On the other hand, regular players can enjoy the entire thrill of the Classic Roulette game on ordinary tables with standard bet limitations.

There’s also the webcam technology used for the live video feed and to enable players to communicate with each other.

As the final touch, players can select the tables with dealers speaking their native language.

Themed tables are also available, showing that NetEnt has done an outstanding job of creating an out-of-the-box online roulette solution.

Wagering options and playing convenience

Players can find all the convenient gameplay aspects included in the interface of the Classic Roulette game.

Namely, statistical preview allows them to follow the previous spin results, as well as the hot and cold numbers to land.

As for the betting system, players are free to choose any existing roulette bets as everything is included in Classic Roulette.

Players can choose to save their betting pattern and use it again later on in the game. On the other hand, there’s a double-up option and reset option to further deal with the bet.

The neighbors’ option can also come in handy as it places surrounding bets on the two numbers from each side of the selected number.

Players can also choose their preferable point of view on the game. Camera angles can be swapped while the betting preview can be switched from race to regular.

All the bets are allowed including double chances like low or high and odd or even, as well as the color bets.

However, players can also bet on a specific number and win a 35 to 1 payout in this single zero roulette variant.

French sector bets are also available, while additional options like the neighbors’ bet can aid players when the time is running up.

Ultimately, the Classic Roulette easily makes one of the best online roulette variants seen in the last couple of years.