Auto Roulette by Ezugi – 24/7 Fun Guaranteed

December 4, 2020 Posted in Live Casino by No Comments

If you are among those players that enjoy having peace and tranquility while playing roulette, Ezugi’s Auto Roulette makes a great choice.

Auto Roulette

Ezugi is one of the most prominent live casino games suppliers for online casinos in NZ, making the game accessible.

Although Auto Roulette comes without a dealer in person, the fully automated system works like a charm.

The gameplay is fast-paced like on a real live casino roulette table, and betting options are numerous.

Auto Roulette is fully optimized for mobile platforms, making it a great way to enjoy your favorite casino game from home.

Auto Roulette Layout

Ezugi went one step further when the production of automated roulette tables is in question.

Namely, the Auto Roulette is streamed live from the European based studio to provide players with a real-time feed.

The camera zooms in during spins, so players can get a better perspective on the ball and the landed number.

Auto Roulette swiftly processes roulette spins, so players can bet on the next spin shortly after the previous.

There is no dealer and no other players visible on the playing interface, giving complete playing freedom to players.

Just imagine the thrill of having your live roulette table and all the possibilities. Now, with Auto Roulette, players can think their bets through without any distraction.

Of course, the table can be accessed 24/7 by all players without having to wait for a free seat.

Unique, yet a simple table

There is no live roulette game out there such as Auto Roulette by Ezugi. Although it doesn’t stand out in terms of visual experience, it offers something much more valuable in return.

Every player enjoys a round of roulette that allows putting the whole focus on the game. With no other players and no dealer, Auto Roulette is a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced players.

Players can also take advantage of casino bonus offers and play Auto Roulette in a separate window while playing slots or other games.

Auto Roulette can be a side game and the best personal roulette table at the same time. Having such diverse advantages for all types of players make it so attractive.

It also comes with all the statistical aspects that every great roulette table should have.

Players can therefore follow the latest numbers to land, as well as see hot and cold numbers and ball landing spots.

The betting track is also suitable for players of all preferences. Whether you prefer a race track or regular betting track, Auto Roulette offers it all.

Another option included is to bet on the wheel sectors including zero game, orphelins, and tiers bets.

Combination of such a betting toolset and the playing comfort that Auto Roulette offers to make it a one-of-a-kind roulette table.

Additional options are included to double the bet, erase the bet, and repeat the previously played hand.

Ezugi proved itself as a premium live casino provider once more with this game and there is no doubt that Auto Roulette is worth trying out.