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When players take a journey into the world of online gaming, they are entering a realm of extraordinary opportunity. Unlike standard betting found in things like national lotteries, online casinos are open to the world at large. Winning a huge online jackpot is the mark of exceptional fortune that many people have experienced. The popularity of online casino gaming is growing exponentially, and it is difficult for a record-breaking jackpot to stand alone for long. Jackpot amounts are skyrocketing, and the gaming options are becoming more exciting and diverse.

When a person wins a record level online jackpot, it must be certified by the casino and that casino’s parent licensing authority. There can be a lag in jackpot reporting. When a massive jackpot is verified however, it doesn’t take long for it to become worldwide news. Here are the reigning top five online casino jackpots. They should give dedicated players inspiration, and a new wealth goal to pursue.

Record Progressive Slot Jackpot Set in Finland

Playing Mega Fortune, his favorite online slot game, a man from Finland set the new online jackpot record in 2013. With a 25 cent bet, this mysterious player (understandably so), hit a progressive jackpot that totaled €17,861,800. The currency exchange rate at the time made this win equal to about $24 million. The software used in the Mega Fortune progressive slot was provided by Net Entertainment, which networks a vast list of international online casinos. The winner, who is only in his 40s, said in an interview that he laughed and cried at the same time when the fortune was won. This win helped set the bar higher on the potential for progressive online jackpot amounts.

Soldier of Fortune

Jonathon Heywood is a career British military man who experienced winning a life-altering online record win. This 26-year old was an avid player of the extremely popular Mega Moolah Progressive slot offered at Betway Casino, which is powered by Microgaming. On October 6, 2015 he was playing Mega Moolah at 25p per spin, and was suddenly propelled into a state of disbelief. The progressive win amounted to €13.2 million, or about $17.2 million. This Guinness Book of World Records win for the Mega Moolah progressive slot immediately created a media frenzy in the UK. Thousands of Betway patrons expressed their congratulations for a fellow Brit winning such a huge prize. Though Heywood has a great deal of living and online gaming left to do, he has told the world that he wants nothing more than to spend the jackpot amount assisting his sick father with medical expenses. Online gaming jackpots aren’t just exciting for players, but they have huge humanitarian aspects as well.

The Power of Bonuses

In 2011, a man from Norway was playing the Mega Fortune game provided by Net Entertainment. He was playing as a patron of online casino, and had been gauging a couple of play-extending wins until the early hours of the morning. In a sleepy haze, this man was invigorated with the announcement on his computer screen proclaiming he had just won the Mega Fortune jackpot. It was valued at €11,736,375! The reason this jackpot was so extraordinary was that it was won through the bonus play options of the game. On a 4-out-of-5 line match he was accelerated to the 3-tiered bonus spin wheel. With three instinctive “stops,” he made his way to the center feature and immediately became almost €12 million richer. The CEO of expressed in a Guinness Book of World Records interview that he was excited the man’s jackpot win helped illustrate the amazing possibilities of Mega Fortune on the world online gaming stage.

Humility in the Face of Fortune

The number of record wins that the Mega Fortune game by Net Entertainment has produced is staggering. In 2015, a man named Alexander was “lighting up the reels” at Folkeautomaten, a Swedish online casino. The Mega Fortune game’s reputation for making people wealthy was again triggered by this 30-year old’s typical level of betting. This particular jackpot was worth €8,577,204, or $9.57 million. The Chief Product Officer of Net Entertainment personally congratulated Alexander “the Swede” on his win. When asked about his plans for spending the jackpot, Alexander expressed that he would simply like to finish paying his mortgage. It seems that with a win like this, Alexander might consider branching into more substantial real estate ventures. Of course, he will also use some of it to chase bigger future online gaming jackpots.

Unique Record Jackpot to a Player On-The-Go

A record win achieved by an online casino patron only known as D.P. occurred on August 28, 2016. D.P. was playing Mega Moolah at Zodiac Casino and encountered a fun gaming option. It was a promotional game that gave players up to 80 chances to become a millionaire with a singular deposit of €/$1. D.P.’s entry resulted in his winning a jackpot of €7.9 million, or $8.82 million. The reason this jackpot was so unique in the universe of online gaming was that is was won from a mobile device. It is now recognized as the largest online casino payout for mobile users. D.P. was playing Mega Moolah Mobile on his personal iPad. A mobile jackpot like this is boosting the platform options of software companies and casinos to reach more players. More and more online casinos are now smartly offering innovative games that work seamlessly with mobile technologies.


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